World Peace Vigil on January 20th Inauguration Day

In the days surrounding the presidential inauguration, people of all faiths, all over the country will gather together in prayer and meditation for World Peace on our Mother Earth and a sustainable future for our children.

Read Bhikkhu Bodhi’s recent article in Lion’s Roar: ‘Let’s Stand Up Together’.

Please join us on January 20th at Aloka Vihara for a World Peace Vigil on Inauguration Day!

2 – 5 pm: Silent Meditation in our shrine room (sitting & walking)
5 – 7 pm: Tea in silence, rest & more meditation
7 – 9 pm: Evening Puja with chanting & meditation followed by a reading

You can come for the entire time, an hour or just a short while.

Inauguration Meditation & Prayer at Sacramento Dharma Center on January 20, more info.

Vigils in other locations.


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