June 27-28 Work Weekend at Aloka Vihara

We’re building a Yurt!  …and you’re invited to join us.



May 23 and 24: Stage 1 – DONE

On this weekend, we will be digging the holes for the pier blocks and preparing the ground that the yurt will sit on.

yurt frame

June 27 and 28: Stage 2

On this weekend we will be erecting the yurt and opening trails.

yurt with man

All are welcome to pitch in!

If you don’t feel you can help with the construction due to physical limitations, your help would also be appreciated in the kitchen or doing other lighter tasks.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Please bring a vegetarian dish to share. You could bring your tent and stay overnight at the vihara.

RSVP “yurt” to <info@amckwebandprint.com> or click here.

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