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Community Workday – Sat, Dec 4th

We welcome you to join us on Saturday, December 4th for our third post-Caldor Fire Community Workday!  It’s the last Community Workday of the year. Join us in continuing to clear up the buildings and land after the wildfire. The work will include: land restoration sow seeds lay jute mesh blanket chip brush from downed trees finish clearing up rubble from the kuti site We begin at 8:30 am with…
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Sierra Insight Sangha with an AVFM Monastic

The Aloka Vihara monastics offer monthly teachings at Sierra Insight Sangha. Next meetings:    Dec 1 Ayya Niyyanika | Jan 5 TBD Standard Schedule (exact schedule may differ depending on the monastic):  6:30 pm:  Start time: Meditation with some guidance 7:15 pm: Dhamma reflection 7:45 pm: Q & A 8:00 pm: End time: Closing with blessing chant If you would like to offer dana after the teaching, please visit our donation…
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Second successful community workday

We emerged from a ten day retreat on November 12th with good retreat energy.  It was amazing how well that transitioned into gathering with friends and supporters of Aloka Vihara to continue the land restoration and site cleanup after the Caldor Fire. There were enough people present to form four work teams.  We made further progress on road repair, kuti debris removal, and cutting up and moving downed trees. Additionally,…
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CTBC monthly Online teachings with AVFM Nuns

‘Three Sisters’ towering above Canmore, AB, Canada ~ Dhamma with the Aloka Vihara Bhikkhunis ~   On 2nd Fridays of each month Ayya Santacitta, Ayya Ahimsa and/or Ayya Niyyanika of Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery will offer monthly online teachings for the Canmore Theravada Buddhist Community. Upcoming meetings: Nov 12 (Ayya Ahimsa), Dec 10 (Ayya Niyyanika) Schedule (Mountain Time): 8:30 am: Sanghamitta will introduce the teacher, followed by chanting 8:45 am:…
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Kathina-Almsgiving for 2021

Friday, October 29th: Pre-Kathina-Almsgiving open afternoon Saturday, October 30th: Online Kathina-Almsgiving See information shared by the Friends of Aloka Vihara below on how to participate, donate and celebrate. Participate (before hand) Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery welcome you to a pre-Kathina-Almsgiving open afternoon for tea and conversation with the Bhikkhunis and residents on October 29th, 2021, from 2pm – 6pm. This will be an opportunity for Aloka Vihara’s community of ardent…
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Community Workday – Saturday, November 13th

We welcome you to join us on Saturday, November 13th for our second post-Caldor Fire Community Workday! Join us in continuing to clear up the buildings and land after the wildfire. The work will include: land restoration sowing seeds road preservation laying jute mesh blanket chipping downed trees clearing up rubble from the kuti site We begin at 8:30 am with a short meditation and Dhamma reflection and then commence…
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BBM monthly Online teachings

The Aloka Vihara Monastics are offering 3rd Sunday teaching at Berkeley on Zoom during the pandemic: Nov 21 Ayya Niyyanika|Dec 19 Ayya Anandabodhi Schedule of the evening 6:00 pm: Meet & greet 6:30 pm: Chanting and Refuges & Precepts (see below or via screen sharing) 6:45 pm: Meditation 7:30 pm: Dhamma talk & discussion (please turn off your video if you do not wish to be on the recording) 8:25…
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SFDC monthly Dharma Exploration

~ Inner Journey to Hidden Treasures ~ A monthly Dharma Exploration with the Aloka Vihara Monastics for the San Francisco Dharma Collective The Aloka Vihara monastics practice the early Buddhist teachings, which offer a radical perspective on how best to turn our everyday challenges into energy for awakening. The monastics embrace and integrate the realities of contemporary society into their lives and teachings. Their practice emphasizes insight into the principles…
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