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Meeting Venerable Dipankara

During our visit to the new Sunnyvale Karuna Buddhist Vihara we had the opportunity to meet Venerable Dipankara, a world renown meditation master from Myanmar. Anagarika Sarana (in white) from Karuna Buddhist Viahra joined us for the meeting. Ayya Santacitta spent the vassa of 1999 together with Ven Dipankara at Amaravati UK and they were both very happy to see each other again after so many years.
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BCBS Eco Dharma Leaders Meeting

The Bess Family Foundation convened a retreat at BCBS from March 24-28. First row: William Edelglass, Susie Harrington, Jodi Castallo (Bess Foundation), Thanissara, Lama Rod Owens, Shelly Dews Chigier (Bess Foundation), Dekila Chungyalpa, Nic Redfern. Second row: Stephanie Kaza, David Loy, Margaret Fletcher, Kirsten Rudestam, Kristin Barker, Ayya Santacitta, Kritee Kanko, Tim Ream, Brian Nichols, John, Eden Tull, Keira Jewel Lingo, Lama Willa. The Bess Family Foundation also sponsored the…
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April 23: OPEN HOUSE DAY at Aloka Earth Room

In April the doors of Aloka Earth Room on 3 Jones Place*, San Rafael, CA will open with three in-person & online Open House Days. Please drop in for a shorter or longer visit: Sunday, April 23 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm PT | in person 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm PT | online | Zoom link ~ Wednesday, April 26 Weekly program at the Earth Room begins, read…
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