Volunteering to Support Aloka Vihara

Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery was brought into being, and continues to be sustained by the efforts of many volunteers.


There are many ways to volunteer to support the vihara community, both in person at the monastery and from far away. 

It is people like you, who give their energy and time to make this monastery possible. We deeply appreciate such generosity.

The most important attribute of a volunteer is not their location or the amount of time they can offer. It is a clear commitment to any project they take up. In turn, we who live at the vihara value the opportunity to practice more closely with our Dhamma friends, and commit to working together with you to accomplish the projects that make this community vibrant.

Off site projects:

  • Audio editing and posting of Dhamma talks
  • Social media communications update

On site projects:

  • Cooking the midday meal
  • General maintenance and improvements
  • Forest restoration work
  • Office support
  • Gardening and yard maintenance, year-round, but especially in the Spring and the Fall

If these or other volunteer opportunities sound appealing, we would love to hear from you!

There’s just one step to getting more involved: Fill out the Volunteer Contact Information Form.

Please do not use this form to contact us about an overnight stay at the vihara ~ more information about overnight stays.

Once we have received your information, an Aloka Vihara resident will try to be in touch within one week. We want to connect and find out if there is a project you can start on right away. If not, we’ll keep your contact information on hand for future projects.

Community Work Days ~ Save the date!


Next community work days:  Saturday, June 4th and Saturday, June 25th.

On these days, we all work together from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. We take a break for the midday meal, and end the day by sharing the benefits of our efforts.

Anumodana ~ we rejoice in your generosity and good works!


Last Update: December 6, 2021