The road leading to Aloka Vihara with sign

Travel Directions via Public Transportation

We look forward to your visit to Aloka Vihara, and we are happy to assist you to travel via public transportation, for the benefit of the planet and all her beings. The vihara is located about 25 minutes southeast of Placerville, California, about half way between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe.

First step: Determine your days of travel
Second Step: Get to Sacramento
Third Step: Get to the vihara

First step: Determine your days of travel

> Fridays:

This is the best day to travel to and from the vihara. We offer a regular pick up and drop off at the Historic Folsom Light Rail Station on Friday afternoons. You can easily get from the Sacramento Airport to the Sacramento 65th Street Light Rail Station, which is the same station where the Megabus and Flixbus buses stop. This is also a very inexpensive way to come to the vihara.

> Wednesday and Thursdays:

We make occasional arrangements for rides to and from the Diamond Springs – Commerce Way Bus Station on Wednesdays and Fridays.

> Saturdays and Sundays:

There is only one bus, which is run by Amtrak, in each direction between Sacramento and Placerville on the weekends. We make occasional pick ups and drop offs at the Placerville Station Transit Center bus stop on the weekends.

> Mondays or Tuesdays:

We do not receive guests on these days, as those are our Quiet Days at the vihara.

Second Step: Get to Sacramento

> By Bus

Megabus, Flixbus, and Greyhound all serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento.

> By Train

Amtrak provides train service connecting the East Bay and downtown Sacramento.

> By Plane

Sacramento International Airport (SMF) is the closest airport to Placerville.


After you have confirmed your visit with the Guest Coordinator,
she can assist you with planning your trip from Sacramento to the vihara.

Third Step: Get to the vihara

> From the Sacramento University/65th Street Light Rail Station

You can catch the Light Rail Train from that station to the Iron Point Station in Folsom. If you let us know you’re arriving on a Friday, we will make a pick up in Folsom, meeting the trains that arrive in the afternoon. If it’s another day of the week, you can get a taxi or car share from Folsom to the vihara.

Alternatively, you can get to the downtown Sacramento, via car share or taxi, and then take the El Dorado commuter bus to Diamond Springs but not on the weekend. See below.


> From downtown Sacramento

The El Dorado Commuter Bus makes several stops in downtown Sacramento. If you are coming to Placerville during the day, you will need to take a “reverse route” bus. “Eastbound” regular routes from Sacramento to Placerville start at 3:15 pm and end at 6:15 pm. *** NOTE that you will need to request the “Diamond Springs – Commerce Way” stop when boarding the bus. We occasionally make arrangements for rides to and from Diamond Springs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


> From the Sacramento Valley Amtrak Train Station (also downtown Sacramento)

Amtrak provides bus service between Sacramento and Placerville 7 days per week, once in each direction per day. The bus to Placerville leaves the Sacramento Valley Amtrak station at 10:20 am. The bus from Placerville to Sacramento leaves at 3:40 pm. We can make arrangements for transportation to or from Placerville on occasional Saturdays and Sundays.


> From Sacramento International Airport (SMF)

Yolobus routes 42 travels 7 days a week between Sacramento Airport and downtown Sacramento.  Route 42 A is best from the airport to downtown, as it goes in a clockwise direction. Route 42 B is best from downtown back to the airport, as it goes in a counter-clockwise direction. From downtown Sacramento, you can catch one of the above buses to Diamond Springs or to Placerville. The 42 routes also stop at the 65th Street Light Rail station, if you want to take the train to Folsom.

Please note that exact cash is required for payment upon boarding most buses, though the Amtrak bus must be paid in advance.


> You could also take a shuttle, taxi, or a car share service from Sacramento to the vihara.