Upcoming Move


Aloka Vihara will be moving from San Francisco to Placerville May 25

April 11, 2014

Dear Saranaloka Community,

My name is Marina Kocherovsky. I have the honor of coordinating the upcoming move of the nuns and Aloka Vihara to its new location in the Placerville area. I’d like to give you an update on the timeline and the ways you can be involved if you would like to.

Friday, May 23, 7:30 pm

Vesak Ceremony and Vihara Closure at Aloka Vihara in San Francisco. Everyone is welcome! (More details will follow in a separate message from the sisters.)

Saturday, May 24

Final cleanup of the SF vihara. Everyone is welcome to help with cleaning the vihara! We’ll be starting at 8:30 am, with a meal offering at 11:45 am (please bring a vegetarian dish to share if you’d like to). Bring work gloves if you have any. Those coming for the Vesak Ceremony the night before are welcome to bring a sleeping bag and stay overnight. Please contact Marina if you can help.

Sunday, May 25

Loading the moving truck at the SF vihara. We’ll start loading the moving truck at 8 am, with a meal offering at 11:30 am (no need to bring food; we will provide). The moving truck will depart for Placerville around noon. A few people are needed to stay behind to tidy and lock up. Join us if you can help carry items down stairs and load them into the truck. Please contact Marina if you can help.

Sunday, May 25

Unloading at the Placerville vihara. The moving truck will arrive at the new vihara in Placerville around 3 pm. Placerville-area helpers are needed to help unload, then we’ll all have tea/snacks. At 6 pm the moving truck will depart for the 3-hour drive back to SF. Please contact Marina if you can help.

Here are ways you can help with the move, both in San Francisco and in Placerville:

  1. Donate packing materials such as tape and newspapers (for wrapping things up in SF). Needed by April 20. Please email me to indicate quantities
  2. Transport unneeded items to charitable organizations in SF, such as Goodwill. Needed sometime before mid-May.
  3. Transport large items to the dump in SF; truck or van required. Needed sometime before mid-May.
  4. Transport large sofa and dining table from San Rafael to Aloka Vihara in SF on or before May 25.
  5. Help clean the SF vihara on May 24 (see above).
  6. Help load the moving truck in SF on May 25 (see above).
  7. Help unload the truck in Placerville beginning around 3 pm on May 25. Everyone is welcome; one or two strong people are also needed to help with very heavy items (such as furniture).
  8. Offer snacks & drinks to the moving crew in Placerville on the afternoon of May 25.

If you’d like to volunteer for any of these needs, please contact Marina at move_coordinator@amckwebandprint.com.

Thank you!