Undoing Racism


‘Racism is a heart disease, and it’s cureable!’ – Ruth King



White Awareness Insight Curriculum for Uprooting Privilege: A Dharma and Racism Study Program, 2016
This training that has been undertaken by all the nuns and board members of Aloka Vihara and the Saranaloka Foundation, as a way to wake up to whiteness and to learn about decolonization.

Catalyst Project, Trainings
     Placerville Timeline
     5 ways to incorporate Racial Justice into your work for majority- or all-white groups
     Culture Shift
Antiracism Study Dialogue Circles, Workshops

Talks & Books:

Ven Bhikkhuni Pannavati, Greed, hatred & delusion, and how it relates to the BLM movement, 2020

Ven Bhikkhu Bodhi, From Tragedy Springs Hope: Reflections on the Killing of George Floyd, 2020

Ruth King, Mindful of Race Institute

Shakil Choudhury, Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them, 2015


Tsuru for Solidarity: Stop Repeating History

Joe Faegin, Systemic White Racism ~ a summary, 2020 | www.racismreview.com/blog

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, Glossary of Helpful Terms


Mural by Sam Kirk