Things to Consider When Visiting

visit Aloka Vihara-considerations

What to bring

Please remember to dress modestly when visiting the vihara.

We suggest that all vihara visitors who wish to spend time outside bring:

  • sunhat
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • walking shoes
  • pants and long sleeves
  • warm clothing in wintertime, lighter clothing in summertime

Monastic Etiquette

Please visit our monastic etiquette page for helpful guidance on spending time with monastics.

Going for walks

Aloka Vihara is situated on 17 beautiful acres and you are very welcome to go for walks during your visit. Because we are in the country, please keep the following in mind if you do:

Poison Oak

There is poison oak on the vihara property, be sure to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt when walking outdoors and/or avoid contact with poison oak plants. We are happy to share how to best protect yourself.


Some deer ticks in the Sierra Foothills carry Lyme disease so please be mindful when walking outdoors. Daily body checks are the best protection by far. It’s also a good idea to shower after all outdoor activities are over for the day. We are happy to share how to best protect yourself.


There are also snakes around the vihara, some of which are poisonous, so please be careful and give any snakes that you see a wide berth! When walking on the roads near the vihara, stay away from the grassy edges, as snakes have been seen there, very rarely.

Mountain lions and bears

These powerful animals live in the forests of California, please be aware of the possibility to meeting them, especially at dusk and dawn. We have not seen them yet!