climate change activism

Eco Dhamma

~ We are the Earth’s Immune System Rising ~

‘Business as usual’ is steadily eroding around us.

We are now riding the waves of systemic dismemberment,
while at the same time witnessing a massive global awakening.


Extinction Rebellion:
Tell the Truth
Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops
International Petition: Stop Ecocide
5 Vows

It’s crucial to link into support:
One Earth Sangha
Ongoing: Ven Analayo, Mindfully Facing Climate Change
Jan 2021 – Feb 2022:
Sati Center, Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy Training & Earth Dharma

Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy Support Network
Deep Adaptation Forum
The Resource Innovation Group
Facing the Climate Emergency

Eden Reforestation Projects

350 Sacramento
Extinction Rebellion Sacramento

Sunrise Movement Sacramento
Eco-City Guide to Sacramento
El Dorado Chapter CNPS: Living with Wildfires (1:30:06)

Green Travel Guide
Carbon Credits Guide by Sky Mind Retreats

Bhikkhu Bodhi, Climate Change Is a Moral Issue, 2015; Let’s Stand Up Together, 2017

Beth Racette, Gaia Paintings & Installations

David Loy, Ecodharma ~ Buddhist Teachings for the Ecological Crisis, 2018

Jem Bendell, Grieve Play Love, 2019 | Deep Adaptation Blog, current

Karin L. Meyers, Climate, Corona, and Collapse: The Dharma was Made for these Times, 2020

Margaret Klein, Transform Yourself with Climate Truth, 2019 | Grieving the Future You Thought You Had, 2019

Thanissara Mary Weinberg, Declare Climate Emergency Now, 2019

Yuval Noah Harari, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, 2018


Last Update: April 25, 2021