Dhamma Talks: Audio

Teaching at Spirit Rock

Arinna Weisman
Revealing the Expression of Ignorance as White Priviledge
October 2015, Aloka Vihara, 35:24, 32.5MB
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Ven. Claude AnShin Thomas
Ending the Inner War
December 2011, Aloka Vihara, 56:23, 12.9MB
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Ayya Canda
Pursuing Wholesome Happiness
May 2016, Aloka Vihara, 36:40, 33.5MB
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Ayya Dhammadipa
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Ayya Jayati
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Ajahn Candasiri
Reading the Heart
October 2010, 46:48, 10.7MB
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Tsunma Chimey Lhatso
We Have a Choice
October 2010, Aloka Vihara, 26:28, 6.1MB
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The Feminine in Buddhism
April 2016, Aloka Vihara, 44:47, 40.9MB
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Ayya Dhammadhira
After Retreat
June 2013, Aloka Vihara, 38:32, 9.2MB
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Unqualified Joy
May 2015, Aloka Vihara, 49:30, 47.5MB
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Rev Elaine Donlin Sensei
Gratitude is the Best Attitude
April 2014, Aloka Vihara, 52:43, 50:4MB
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Elizabeth Day
Gender in Dhamma
August 2017, Aloka Vihara, 30:49, 28.3MB
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Khenmo Drolma
Commentary on some Verses by Shantideva
October 2016, Aloka Vihara, 31:46, 29:2MB
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Jenny Wilks, with Ayya Santacitta
Sharings from the Intl. Vipassana Teachers’ Gathering 2013 at Spirit Rock
June 2013, Aloka Vihara, 53:38, 12.9 MB
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Matty Weingast
The First Free Women ~ Q&A
June 2020, Spirit Rock, 13:56, 19.3MB
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Ayya Medhanandhi
Bhikkhuni Pioneers
November 2011, Aloka Vihara, 35:39, 8.2MB
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Ajahn Metta
The Gifts of Grieving
August 2010, Marin Sangha, 32:16, 7.4MB
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Ayya Santussika
Training for Peace
June 2017, Aloka Vihara, 36.04, 32.9MB
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Almsgiving at Aloka Vihara
September 2016, Aloka Vihara, 11:05, 10.6MB
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Climate Dhamma
December 2015, Aloka Vihara, 20:00, 18.3MB
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How Words Create Our Future
April 2014, Mindfulness Care Center, 20:59, 20.1MB
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The Two Most Important Things
October 2013, Aloka Vihara, 1:10, 50:9MB
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Ayya Sudhamma Theri
The Wholesome – You Can Do It!
November 2014, Aloka Vihara, 29:11, 26.7MB
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A Little Welcome Note to the New Bhikkhuni
August 2017, Aloka Vihara, 32:51, 30.2MB
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Ayya Sudinna Theri
Merit and Reality
April 2016, Aloka Vihara, 24:29, 23.5MB
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Ayya Tathaaloka Theri
Almsgiving at Aloka Vihara
September 2016, Aloka Vihara, 23:35, 22.7MB
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Talk at Almsgiving Ceremony
September 2013, Mindfulness Care Center, 19:16, 13.9MB
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Amma Thanasanti
Letting Go
January 2016, Angela Center, 39:54, 36.5MB
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Awakening in Our Times
December 2013, Aloka Vihara, 53:39, 38.6MB
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Ayya Yeshe
Honoring the Sacred Feminine
March 2017, Aloka Vihara, 51:02, 46.6MB
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