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Aloka Vihara Chanting Book [pdf]




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Recollection of the Foremost Arahant Bhikkhunis
by Mel Zeki (Pali) 4:14

Recollection of the Foremost Arahant Bhikkhunis (with Harmonium)
by Mel Zeki (Pali) 7:05, Chanting book, p 46

Recollection of the Foremost Arahant Bhikkhunis
(English) 3:25, p 47

Morning Chanting: 1st part 16:40 & 2nd part 18:38 in Pali & English, pp 7-13 ~ 1st & 2nd part 23:08 in Pali & English, pp 7-13

Evening Chanting: in Pali 13:25 & in English 11:33, pp 14-20

Paritta Chanting
Pali 20:25

Bojjhanga Chant
Pali 2:36

The Four Brahmaviharas Chant
Pali 3:40 & English 3:25, p 24 & p 25

3 Reflections and Recollections
English 8:31

The Buddha’s Words on Loving Kindness, English p 23

Reflections on Universal Well-Being, Pali & English p 30

Reflections on Sharing Blessings, English p 33

Metta Mantra
English 3:47

‘I Have Enough’ Mantra
written by Ven Heng Sure 1:55

Sharing of Merits
chanted by Sister Dong Hue (Vietnamese) 0:28
‘I vow to spread this merit to all beings and wish that I and all beings realize enlightenment.’

Blessing for All Nations
chanted by Ayya Sobhana (Pali & English) 0:31

Requesting a Dhamma Talk
(Pali) 0:37, Pali & English p 70

Requesting and Taking the 3 Refuges and 5 Precepts
Pali 5:20, pp 72-73

Food Reflection at Meal Times

Pali Pronunciation Guide pp 78-79