Meal Offerings

Offer a meal or a ride to a nun

We are deeply grateful that you are considering offering a midday meal
to the Aloka Vihara Sangha.

Please arrange for a date for your meal offering by emailing <>.
  • We are vegetarian and 3 of the 6 current residents are gluten free. 2 are dairy free.
  • There are typically 7~9 people staying at the vihara.
  • Please bring food that is pre-cooked and can be reheated here.
  • It’s also fine to bring fruits and vegetables, and to bring packaged foods.
  • The meal start time is 11:45 am.  Bringing the meal offering at 11:15 am is helpful for kitchen setup.
  • Arrange for a date for your meal offering by emailing <>.
  • You are welcome to come into the house for the meal offering. Please wear a mask.
  • The following dates are no longer available:
    • All Tuesdays
    • Friday, October 22

We are happy to share this ancient tradition with you, we look forward to your visit,
and we rejoice in the blessings of your generosity!