Meal Offerings

Offer a meal or a ride to a nun

We are deeply grateful that you are considering offering a midday meal
to the Aloka Vihara Sangha.


For Winter Retreat Meal Dana offering (January 15 – April 15) please arrange a date for your meal offering by emailing <>.


During Winter Retreat two kinds of offerings are very helpful:

  1. Offer a prepared meal by bringing it to the monastery on the pre-arranged day at 10:15 am. (11:00 am after March 13th)
  2. Offer prepared dishes for future meals.
  • We are vegetarian and 5 of the 8 Winter Retreat residents are gluten free. 3 are dairy free.
  • Please bring food that is pre-cooked and can be reheated here.
  • It’s also fine to bring fruits and vegetables, and to bring packaged foods.
  • The meal start time is 11:00 am.  Bringing the meal offering at 10:15 am is helpful for kitchen setup. 
    (after March 13th the meal start time is 11:45 am and bringing the meal offering at 11:00 am  is helpful.)
  • Arrange for a date for your meal offering by emailing  <>.
  • You are welcome to come into the house for the meal offering. Please wear a mask.

Meal Dana Calendar for Winter Retreat

We are happy to share this ancient tradition with you, we look forward to your visit,
and we rejoice in the blessings of your generosity!