Meal Offerings

Offer a meal or a ride to a nun

We are deeply grateful that you are considering offering a midday meal
to the Nuns’ Sangha.

Due to the pandemic we ask you to take these special precautions:


After you have arranged a date for your meal offering by writing to <>, please arrive by 10:45 am.
Please bring food that is cooked and can be reheated here, so that we know it is hot enough to be safe.
It’s also fine to bring fruits and vegetables that can be washed.
Please bring the food in containers that you will take back home with you. We will transfer food to our containers and use our serving utensils.
If you would like, you could eat outdoors at the vihara.

We currently have residents with the following food restrictions:

cinnamon free –  1 person
soy free –  1 person
gluten free – 5 people
dairy free – 2 people

It’s okay to cook with those ingredients, but please label the foods. For instance, if you use regular soy sauce that contains both soy and gluten.

There are a total of 8 women in residence.

We are happy to share this ancient tradition with you, and we look forward to your visit
and we rejoice in the blessings of your generosity!