What We’ve Have Accomplished So Far


  • Paint & upgrade the dorm
  • Install mini split in steward’s room & loft for efficient heating & cooling
  • Install 2 passive solar hot water heating tanks
  • Install insulating blinds & floor covering in steward’s room
  • New Aloka Vihara sign at the entrance
  • Construct fire wall in the garage
  • Finish hallway outside the office
  • Replace chimney for increased fuel efficiency
  • Make road into our forest
  • Woodland fuel mitigation ~ great progress made, ongoing project


  • Upgrade steward’s room
  • Remove exterior concrete slab in back of the house
  • Move trailer to a more suitable location on the land
  • Install vents in roof of house to aid cooling in the summer
  • Install vents & attic fan in guest building to aid cooling
  • Landscape back of the house
  • Research converting the house to solar
  • Build woodshed
  • Build carport over trailer for weather protection
  • Install mini-split in dorm for energy efficient heating & cooling


  • Converting the master bedroom & sun-room into four private bedrooms to accommodate growing number of nuns
  • Installing low flush toilet & two sinks in existing nuns’ bathroom
  • Converting a storage closet to half-bath for women guests & residents
  • Bringing existing house up to code.


  • Provided AC in our guest dorm and upgraded heating/cooling in meditation room & office
  • Repaired & improved drainage systems around the house
  • Set up a second yurt for nuns’ meditation & seclusion
  • Expanding the septic system to support the growing community and the addition of extra bedrooms and a half-bath.


  • Created meditation room that is soundproofed from the noisy kitchen
  • Replaced window with new backdoor providing much easier access to house & bathroom for guests
  • Set up one yurt and a tent platform for nuns’ meditation & seclusion
  • Set up one large trailer as accommodation for male or transgender guests
  • Remodeled our office from dark & dingy to light-filled & inviting.