Developing the Monastery Facilities

From Aspiration to Reality

Since purchasing our 17-acre property and house in January 2015, we have been busy making improvements to create a monastery from what was originally a single-family home. We now have eight rooms for residents, along with two outdoor dwellings, and a guest dormitory. It is exciting to be making our vision real: to create a forest monastery for Theravada bhikkhunis to live and train together and for lay people of all genders to stay and take part in the daily monastic life.

What We’ve Accomplished So Far

Through the generosity and hard work of many, we’ve already completed various improvements to our 30-year-old house.

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2022 Projects

  • Re-roof dormitory ~ done
  • Forest restoration
  • Interior painting ~ done
  • Replace two leaky windows upstairs in monastics’ quarters ~ done
  • Install new solar attic fan ~ done

How to Help

If you would like to offer your time or skills, please see our volunteer page.