Developing the Monastery Facilities

From Aspiration to Reality

Since purchasing our 17-acre property and house in January 2015, we have been busy making improvements to create a monastery from what was originally a single-family home. We now have seven rooms for nuns and novices, along with three outdoor dwellings, a steward’s room and guest accommodation. It is exciting to be making our vision real: to create a forest monastery for Theravada bhikkhunis to live and train together and for lay people of all genders to stay and take part in the daily monastic life.

Donations received will help support the easeful operations of Aloka Vihara and the continued development of the monastery’s infrastructure, so that the nuns can retain their primary focus on practice. This will include further kutis for the nuns and improvements to energy efficiency.

What We’ve Accomplished So Far

Through the generosity and hard work of many, we’ve already completed various improvements to our 30-year-old house.

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2021 Projects

  • Woodland fuel mitigation ~ ongoing project
  • Improving the 100′ State mandated fire ignition zone around the main house
  • Replacing two leaky windows upstairs in nuns’ quarters

How to Help

It’s only with the support of many – through financial donations, volunteer service, and good wishes – that we are creating this new monastery together. If you’d like to help support our development projects, please visit our Donate page to make a contribution or for more information. And if you’d like to inquire about making a major gift, please contact Saranaloka Foundation.

If you would like to offer your time and/or skills, please write us.