Sept 26: Bhikkhuni Ordination for Ven Dhammadipa

We are happy to let you know that on September 26, if all conditions come together, we will have a quiet Bhikkhuni Ordination for Ven Dhammadipa, who completed her two years samaneri training in May.

We are inviting the required number of bhikkhus and bhikkhunis for a valid ordination. Ayya Sobhana Theri from Dhammadharini Monastery will be presiding as Preceptor. Bhante Rahula Mahathera and two bhikkhus will be coming from Buddhi Vihara, Santa Clara and Bhante Sumitta Mahathera will be coming from Dhamma USA, LA with two other senior bhikkhus. We so appreciate their generosity and willingness to travel and support the Bhikkhuni Sangha during these critical times.

Because of COVID this will not be a public event. Some of the ordaining sangha are in their 70’s and out of care for their well-being and the well-being of all, we are keeping the ordination as a closed event. It is our intention to have photographs taken, to be shared with you all afterwards.

Your metta 🧡 mudita will support Ven Dhammadipa and the Sangha on this special day!

If you would like to offer a gift please write to Ayya Santacitta at <>.


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