Sept 24-25: Buddhist Bike Pilgrimage to Aloka Vihara


Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage Comes to Aloka Vihara!

Next month, a very special two-day bike ride will come to the Vihara. The Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage is a traveling sangha-on-wheels that visits Buddhist monasteries and teaching centers in Northern California. This year, the Pilgrimage will begin at Soul Food Farm in Pleasants Valley (near Fairfield) and will end at Aloka Vihara. The Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage is run entirely on a volunteer basis. There is no set fee to join.  Instead, participants offer food, supplies, effort, volunteering, metta (loving kindness) and monetary donations for the two-day journey. All proceeds will go to Aloka Vihara and two other Buddhist monasteries and centers we will visit along the way.

Here are some ways you can participate:

1. Ride with us. Sign up to ride with us for an amazing weekend. Space is limited to just 100 cyclists, so register soon!  Rider registration closes September 16th at –  click on “Rider Registration.”
2. Join our volunteer crew. Love bicyclists, love Buddhism, but don’t feel like getting on a bike just now? We still need you! Join us as a volunteer to provide nourishment and support to our riders. Placerville-area volunteers are especially needed on for Sunday, Sept 24. Volunteer registration is at –  click on “Volunteer Registration.”
3. Do a little of both. Can’t decide whether to ride or volunteer? You can do both! Sign up to ride one day (your choice) and volunteer one day. Go to and register as both a volunteer and a rider.
Many thanks for your assistance, and best of luck this weekend!

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