Second successful community workday

We emerged from a ten day retreat on November 12th with good retreat energy.  It was amazing how well that transitioned into gathering with friends and supporters of Aloka Vihara to continue the land restoration and site cleanup after the Caldor Fire.

There were enough people present to form four work teams.  We made further progress on road repair, kuti debris removal, and cutting up and moving downed trees.

Additionally, a team seeded the burnt hillsides along the loop trail with wild grass seed and secured it with jute cloth. One of the team members said it was like tucking the hillside into bed.

The day included Dhamma reflections, a potluck lunch, personal Dhamma sharing and friendship building while working in the forest together, and a closing sharing of blessings.

The day was nourishing on many fronts, including for the land itself.

We look forward to one more post-Caldor Fire Community Workday on December 4th to complete the care needed before the winter rains and the quiet of Winter Retreat.  Old friends and new are welcome.

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