Sāmaṇerī Ordination – Pabbajjā


On October 29th, 2023, Anagārikā Bethany took Sāmaṇerī Ordination, also called pabbajjā or Going Forth, with Ayya Ānandabodhī as her preceptor.

As a sāmaṇerī she will be a mendicant, living on alms and no longer using money. She will wear the monastic paddyfield robes and use an alms bowl. She received the Pāli name Juṇhāvarā (and will be known as Juṇhā) to support her in her monastic life and practice. In doing this, she is stepping more fully into a life of faith and renunciation. It is a radical step that can align one’s life deeply with the Buddha’s teaching and with the sangha of Buddhist monastics worldwide.

The ordination was a simple and sacred ceremony held at the Fellowship Hall, Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Port Townsend, WA. It was attended by Ayya Ahimsa and Anagārikā Sarah from Canmore Theravada Buddhist Community, Ayya Niyyānika, and Ajahn Nisabho of Clear Mountain Monastery, and witnessed by a warm community of lay supporters who came from near and far.

Click here to see a photo slideshow of the day and here to see the program.