Samaneri Ordination at Karuna Buddhist Vihara

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Anagarika Cittananda of Karuna Buddhist Vihara ordained as samaneri (10 precept nun) on Saturday, April 16th. Ayya Sudinna from the Carolina Buddhist Vihara was the preceptor and all of us joined to witness this beautiful commitment ceremony.

Ayya Santussika wrote:

‘Renunciation is the act of ‘trading up’ — giving something lesser up for something greater. We can all practice renunciation, turning away from the allure of things that don’t actually bring us happiness, exchanging our bad habits for those that bring health and well-being, letting go of clinging to the impermanent for the freedom from clinging to anything. Often, we don’t know how good it will feel until we actually let go. Once we’ve experienced the peace and freedom that comes with renunciation, we develop faith in its benefits and power. It is this faith — and a long-term practice — that leads someone to shedding their hair and ordinary clothes, giving up entertainment and handling money, for the peace and freedom of a simpler life, focused on Dhamma. And as Ajahn Liem once said in reference to ordaining: “You will lay down many burdens.” ‘

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