Summer Online Class on “The Quality of Attention”


The Buddha taught that it is the quality of our attention that determines the quality of our experience in the moment, whether it begins as neutral, unpleasant, or pleasant. When compared with some of the usual ways of understanding human experience, this is a very different perspective, one that requires a degree of clarity and openness we might not ordinarily have.

Beginning July 5th, Ven. Dhammadipa will offer an online class based on the teachings of Theravada and Zen Buddhism. We will explore how constructed conceptual frameworks of our inner and outer worlds can be helpful or harmful, and how to skillfully relate to the workings of our heart/mind. In these teachings, we will encounter the themes of joy, grief, compassion, effort, and the role of mindfulness and meditation in shaping experience.

Learn more on the class page here. Everyone is welcome!


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