Oct 7-13: Earth Care Week at the vihara

Our video message to Governor Brown

From October 7-13 we will observe again ‘Earth Care Week’ at the vihara, this year with a beautiful Earth Mandala Installation in our shrine room.

Program for this week:

  • 7:45 am ~ Morning Reading on the theme
  • 7:00 pm ~ ‘Elements Chant’, to connect deeper with the truth of interbeing  and  ‘Inviting the Devas’ & ’28 Buddhas Chant’, to ask the benevolent forces of the universe for blessings and protection for Mother Earth & for our own individual paths towards realizing ‘the way things truly are’.
  • On the first day, October 7, we will watch ‘ALBATROSS’, a love story of our time from the heart of the Pacific.

We hope to see you at the vihara!

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