We have moved to a forested rental property

outside the shrine room

It gives us great joy to officially announce some exciting news! Saranaloka Foundation has found a wonderful rural rental property, which has become the nuns’ new home at the end of May. This 17-acre, forested parcel with a 3+ bedroom home is located about 25 minutes southeast of the Sierra foothills town of Placerville, California.

The vision of establishing a rural training monastery for women has been held in the hearts of the nuns and Saranaloka Foundation supporters for a number of years. Since 2009, Aloka Vihara in urban San Francisco has allowed the nuns to develop strong connections within the northern California Dhamma community. Since about a year ago, together with the Rural Vihara Search Team, the nuns have been actively engaged in finding a new rural location for the community. This new home is the culmination of this search and fulfills our shared wish to return these “Forest Tradition” nuns to the forest.

On behalf of the nuns and the Saranaloka board, thank you to the many folks who have helped make this next step possible. We can all rejoice in the fruits of our efforts.

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