Monastic Community

Ayya Ānandabodhī

Ayya Anandabodhi

Ayya Ānandabodhī was born and raised in Wales, UK. Ayya first encountered the Buddha’s teaching in her early teens while reading about the Four Noble Truths. This was life-changing and from that moment she experienced a deep confidence in the Buddha’s insight and a wish to understand his teachings more deeply. At the age of 24, Ayya began monastic training at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England under the guidance of Ajahn Sumedho. 17 years later she moved to the USA with a wish to create more opportunities for women monastics. In 2011 she took full Bhikkhunī Ordination, joining the worldwide revival of the Theravāda Bhikkhunī Order. Ayya Ānandabodhī loves to share the Dhamma. Ayya’s practice is guided by early Buddhist scriptures, living in community, and through nature’s pure and immediate Dhamma.

Sāmaṇerī Juṇhā

Sāmaṇerī Juṇhā was born and raised on the prairie of North Dakota and later settled in the Pacific Northwest, tucked in between the mountains and the sea. There, she established a forest homestead and carved out a life in sync with the many rhythms of nature while maintaining an actuarial career.

She first tasted another way of being in the world while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Years later, she found the Buddha’s teachings that illuminated those experiences and opened up so much more possibility. She is animated by the question of just how to live a whole-life practice in this time and place in the world. The rhythm of walking and immersion in nature continue to be vital to her practice.