2021 Kathina-Almsgiving “Wish List”

Useful Items if you would like to offer to the Kathina-Almsgiving.


        Kathina-Almsgiving Wish List:        

    • (OFFERED) Forever stamps (x 60) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Headlamps (x 3) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Small size Work gloves (x 3)  (OFFERED)
    • Medium size Work gloves (x 3) (♥ 1 pair OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Hairdressing scissors (x 1) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Laundry drying rack LINK (x 2) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Waistband elastic 1/2 inch width (x 5 yards) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Waistband elastic 1 inch width (x 5 yards) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Fold-out cutting board – dimensions: 40 x 72 inches LINK (x 1)  (OFFERED)
    • Rolls of medical gauze (x 6)
    • (OFFERED) Instapot LINK (x 1)  (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Baking sheets LINK (x 3) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Bread & loaf pans LINK (x 4)  (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Bread knife LINK (x 1) (OFFERED)
    • Carry-on suitcases (x 2)   – (one of two has been OFFERED♥)
    • (OFFERED) 4 cu ft Garden cart LINK (x 1) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Handheld Carpet Steamer, such as LINK (x 1) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Trailer hitch for Subaru Forester 2017 with 3500 Pound Towing LINK  (x 1)  (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) Solar attic fan LINK (x 1) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) PA System and microphones (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) (Book) ‘Blooming in the Desert: Favorite Teachings of the Wildflower Monk Taungpulu Sayadaw’ LINK (x 1)  (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) (Books) ‘The Art of Disappearing’ by Ajahn Brahm LINK (x 4)  – (OFFERED♥)
    • (OFFERED) Book) ‘Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?’ (AKA ‘Opening the Doors to Your Heart’) by Ajahn Brahm LINK  (x 1)  (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) (Books) ‘Collecting Gold Dust’ by U Tejaniya LINK (x 15) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) (Books) ‘Dhamma Everywhere’ by U Tejaniya LINK (x 3) (OFFERED)
    • (OFFERED) (Book) ‘When Awareness Becomes Natural’ by U Tejaniya LINK (x 1) (OFFERED)


Please email Ayya Niyyanika at <info@alokavihara.org> if you wish to offer any of these items so this list remains current.
Page last updated: October 14, 2021.


The 2021 Kathina Committee: MaryAnn Gallo and the Bradley family, and Uma de Silva and Madhan M.