Jan 15 – Apr 15: Winter Retreat at the vihara


The community will be in silent retreat January 15 – April 15. Visitors are welcome on Lunar Observance days to join our evening pujas at 7:00PM (Jan 20/27, Feb 3/12/18/25, Mar 5/13/20/27). There will be an audio Dhamma talk and we will meditate through to midnight – stay as long as you wish.

The meal will be at 11:00AM through March 7 and at 11:45AM from March 8. If you wish to offer a meal or a dish, let our Vihara Steward know by emailing to <viharasteward@gmail.com>. The nuns will give a blessing and you are welcome to eat quietly with the rest of the community.

The nuns are joined by Chau, Suzanne, Marina and Anagarika Susan for three months, in February Dawn will be with us for one month.

The community is observing Noble Silence and shares the blessings of this precious time with all of you!


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