Good Bye Anagarika Shannon!

Yesterday Shannon Anderson completed her one year Anagarika Training at Aloka Vihara. We are very glad about how excellently Shannon used her year with us and wish her well for her continuing cultivation of the path. Shannon has helped us to develop Aloka Vihara in so many ways, in particular in the office, the kitchen and through her years of experience in peer counseling. We look forward to seeing Shannon again at the vihara and share blessings with grateful hearts.

Some parting words from Shannon:
‘My heart is bursting with gratitude for the precious opportunity I had to undertake the Anagarika training for the past year at Aloka Vihara. The generosity of many beings, both in residence and those far away, made this opportunity possible and for that, I have eternal appreciation. With every internal and external challenge that arose for me in the past year, there was unshakable kindness, trust, and understanding emanating from the community. The relaxed openness that met each experience allowed profound healing to occur. Not only am I directly feeling the benefits of this time of transformation but also it is clear that my family is as well. It is my deep intention to remain tenderly connected to this beloved community and to serve in any way I can for the benefit of all beings.’

Anagarika Shannon in July 2017

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