Gender Identity


People of all genders are welcome here!
The Aloka Vihara Community is on a journey of learning and understanding the expansive nature of gender, past and present. No matter where you are in your own exploration, we welcome you to this page.

If you are not cisgender and interested in visiting, please see our ‘Staying at Aloka Vihara’ page – we have space for you.

Books & Articles:

Bhikkhu Analayo, Beyond the Limitations of Binary Thinking: Mindfulness and the Tetralemma, 2021

Bhikkhuni Dhammadinna, Gender Identity, 2019 (scroll down to text in English)

A Gender-Diverse Sangha, Tricycle, 2019

Does my transgender identity conflict with Buddhism’s teachings on no-self?, Lion’s Roar, 2017

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, The Way of Tenderness, 2015

Online Resources:

Trans 101, SRLP, 2020

Personal Pronouns Matter,

Pre-colonial communities’ history of gender fluidity, BBC, 2020

A Map of Gender-Diverse Cultures, PBS, 2015


If you have some other good resources (material that you feel is missing here or not clear enough), please contact us.