Fourth Sunday Dhamma returns in April

I welcome you to join us for online meditation, Dhamma teaching, and discussion on the fourth Sunday of each month.

Originally our monthly Sunday meetings began at Berkeley Buddhist Monastery, a space that was freely offered by Rev. Heng Sure of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association Our founding community of lay supporters in the wider Bay Area came together each month to share tea and practice for many years. With the pandemic, our gatherings moved online and we were able to welcome those from further afield. I’ve enjoyed to witness the depth of practice that has grown in our community over the years together.

With my move to Washington state, I wish to carry on sharing the Dhamma and practicing together, broadening this precious community to a wider field.

Hope to see you on fourth Sundays – more information here.
With much metta,
Ayya Ānandabodhī




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