Film about Ruth Denison in production

There is currently a film in production about Ruth Denison, one of the early Western vipassana teachers and founding supporter of Aloka Vihara. Ruth had the foresight to encourage Jill Boone to found Saranaloka Foundation, in order to create support basis for nuns of the Theravada Forest Tradition. Much has happened since then and Saranaloka now are the owners of 17 acres of land and a house in the Sierra Foothills, the new base of Aloka Vihara.

Much gratitude to Ruth! Please visit here for more info about Ruth and her work.

This photo from 2008 shows Ruth with Jill Boone, Ayya Santacitta & Ayya Anandabodhi during a visit to Dhammadena, Ruth’s center in the desert of Southern CA.

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