Travel Directions by Car

Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery
2409 Tolowa Trail
Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 647-8262

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The Vihara is a 25-minute drive (about 13 miles) outside of the town of Placerville, CA. You can use your GPS until you reach Pleasant Valley Road and drive to Pleasant Valley. From Pleasant Valley onwards we suggest you use the instructions below. Please print these directions before, as you might not have reception past the Holiday Market.

Travel Directions:

  • Look for the Holiday Market (in Pleasant Valley) on the right side.
  • Note that the name of the road changes from Pleasant Valley Rd. to Sly Park Rd. past the Holiday Market.
  • 1.7 miles past the Holiday Market, turn right onto Four Springs Trail.
  • There is a sign for Miraflores Winery just at this turn (in case you drive by this sign, you have missed the turn ~ go back).
  • Follow Four Springs Trail (notice 1st speed bump).
  • Go straight, past the sign saying “End Winery Road, No Trespassing”, followed by another sign saying “Private Road, No Thru Traffic”.
    CONTINUE onto this PRIVATE road!
  • Continue straight (do not turn right).
  • At intersection with Eagle Canyon Road turn right (do not take Eagle Canyon Road).
  • Follow road around through vineyards on both sides for about 1/2 mile (notice the 2nd speed bump since you left the main road).
  • Continue straight.
  • Left onto Indian Wells Road (called Wells Road on Google maps).
  • Continue until you see the Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery sign, a Buddha statue and four large wooden acorns with 2409 Tolowa Trail written on them (do not take 1st road to the right!). 
  • Take an immediate left into our driveway (if you get to a sign saying “Respect the Road”, you have gone too far ~ go back).
  • Continue to the parking area at the vihara.
  • Welcome to Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery!

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