Dedication of Our Practice

Prayer for the Earth

Within all our different voices is one voice and one story,
the story of the Earth that needs our attention and prayers,
that needs our love and support,
as much as it has always given us the love and support we need.
May we remember our role as guardians of the Earth,
custodians of its sacred ways,
and return once again to live in harmony with its
natural rhythms and laws.

(by LLewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Spiritual Ecology, The Golden Sufi Center, 2013)

Standing in solidarity with Naredev Sano we will dedicate any blessings of our practice for the healing of planet Earth and all beings. We will offer this prayer and protection chanting throughout our retreat at Aloka Vihara from November 19 – 28.

May All Beings Be Safe and at Ease!

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