Dec 15: Half-Daylong in Diamond Springs, CA

The Essence of the Path
Join us for an afternoon of meditation, Dharma teaching and Q&A with
Ayya Anandabodhi and Ayya Ahimsa.

Drawing on the teachings of the Buddha, and our personal experience, we will explore how Generosity and Gratitude can steer us along the Path from it’s beginning, right through to full Awakening.
The afternoon will be held in Noble Silence to support deepening of mindfulness and will be suitable for those new to mediation as well as experienced practitioners.
1:30 – 5:00 pm
In appreciation of all who support Aloka Vihara in any way, we offer this half day of practice. Inviting newcomers as well as those already involved.
All teachings are freely offered.

Donations are welcome and will be divided between the Diamond Springs Spiritual Center (851 Pleasant Valley Road, Diamond Springs, CA) who are hosting the event and the Saranaloka Foundation who support the nuns.