Saturday, October 8th: Community Workday

We welcome you to join us on Saturday, Oct 8th for our third 2022 Community Workday:

We begin at 8:30 am with a short meditation and Dhamma reflection and then commence with the work. There will be a break late morning for a potluck meal; please bring a vegetarian dish to share. After lunch the work continues until 3:15 pm when we gather to share the merits of our work and practice.


  • The major work on October 8th will be cutting and clearing small burned pine trees and some manzanita from around the old kuti site. The work will be charcoaly so be sure to wear work clothes you won’t mind getting quite dirty.
  • If possible we will have some burn piles.
  • There will also be some indoor cleaning and touch up painting.


For those who would like to stay on after 3:30 pm, there will be time to discuss
Dhamma together. This will be Ayya Ahimsa’s last Work Day as she will be leaving for Canada the next day.

Group sitting together

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