Ayya Yeshe teaches in the Bay Area & Sacramento

ayya yeshe

Ayya Yeshe, an Australian bhikkhuni in the Tibetan tradition, will visit Aloka Vihara from May 16 through 23. She is the founder of the Bodhicitta Foundation, a grassroots Buddhist charity empowering some of the poorest and most oppressed communities in the world to break the cycle of poverty and oppression.

You can hear Ayya Yeshe teach the Dhamma and speak about her projects on several occasions this month:

May 11 – Wednesday Morning Dialogue Group, Marin
May 12 – Thursday Morning Women’s Class, Spirit Rock, Woodacre
May 12 – Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley, Berkeley
May 13 – Against The Stream, San Francisco
May 15 – San Francisco Insight, Sunday Night Sitting Group, San Francisco
May 16 – 23 – Visiting at Aloka Vihara (not May 21)
May 20 – Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery, 7-9 pm
May 21 – River Song Meditation Group, Sacramento
May 24 – Mindfulness Care Center, San Francisco
May 25 – San Francisco Insight, Wednesday Night Sitting, San Francisco

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