August 26: Bhikkhuni Ordination for Samaneri Ahimsa

We are delighted that Samaneri Ahimsa will be taking Bhikkhuni Ordination on August 26 with Ayya Gunasari as her preceptor.


Attending Sangha at the Ordination Ceremony



The ordination will take place at Buddhi Vihara in Santa Clara, thanks to the generous offer of Ven Amarabuddhi and his community of bhikkhus. There are plenty of parking spaces nearby.

Please arrive by 10:30 AM ~ there is parking available nearby the vihara

The meal will be at 11:00 AM ~ please bring a vegetarian dish to share.

There are limited washing up facilities, so please label your dishes & serving utensils and be prepared to take them home to wash.

The ordination ceremony will start around 1:30 PM. 

Ending of the ceremony will be around 3:00 PM ~ Tea for all.


Ayya Jayati’s ordination in 2014

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