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Alliance for Bhikkhunis
Present Magazine

Andrew Olendzki
“Cherish the Nuns”, Insight Journal, Summer 2010

Bhikkhu Analayo
“The Legality of Bhikkhuni Ordination”, Journal of Buddist Ethics, 20, 2013
“The Foundation History of the Nuns’ Order”, Numata Center for Buddhist Studies, 6, 2016
“Bhikkhuni Ordination”, From Ancient India to Contemporary Sri Lanka, Agama Research Group, 2018

Bhikkhuni Anandabodhi
“Recollection of a Forest Nun”, Spirit Rock News, page 8, September 2013
“All Things are Possible”, American Buddhist Women, Summer 2017

Bhikkhu Bodhi
“Can the Theravada Bhikkhuni Order be Re-established? It Already Has”, Present, 2012
“The Revival of Bhikkhuni Ordination in the Theravada Tradition”, Inward Path, 2009
“A Buddhist Perspective on Women’s Liberation”, BGR, 2019

Bhikkhuni Jayati
“A Personal Perspective: Ayya Jayati’s Bhikkhuni Ordination”, November 2014

Bhikkhuni Santacitta
“Inner and Outer Journey”, Sakyadhita 2013
“The Gift of the Sacred Feminine”, OWBA 2012
“New Images, More Depth”, GPIW 2010

Bhikkhuni Tathaloka
“Honoring those Worthy of Honor”, 2017
“Non-Historicity of the Eight Garudhammas”, 2009
“Mining for Gold”, 2007

Ajahn Candasiri
Going Forth – For Liberation, 2017

Dennis Crean & Martha Kay Nelson
“On the Front Lines”, An Interview with Ayya Santacitta & Ayya Santussika, Sakyadhita, 2015

Donna McCarthy
“A Sima of Flowers”, An Interview with Ayya Anandabodhi & Ayya Santacitta, Present, Winter 2012

Mary King
“Jewels of the Sunset: Bhikkhuni Awaken in San Francisco”, Awakening Buddhist Women, December 2013

Matty Weingast
“The First Free Women”, Shambala, February 2021

Mindy Zlotnick
“I Will Not Pass Away Until… Reinstating the Buddha’s Vision of the Four-fold Sangha”, 1 hr video, 2016

Thanissara, Jitindriya & Cintamani
“The Time Has Come”, Buddhadharma, Summer 2010

Ute Huesken
“The Eight Garudhammas”, Dignity & Discipline, 2010