Anagarika Janice

At 20, she experienced the arrival of the third messenger, the death of her first love, which broke open the question what is life. She began searching by reading spiritual literature and Buddhist writings, and going to her first Goenka retreat in 2005. Five years ago she discovered the distinction of Theravada Buddhism. She was graced to find Bhikkhu Bodhi’s ‘In the Buddhas Words’ in her hands and felt she had finally found the truth. She is inspired by the suttas, Joseph Goldstein, Venerable Analayo, and Ayya Khema. Recently she went on a Dhamma Tour by bus to Theravada locations in the US. She is eminently grateful and fortunate to now be an Anagarika at Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery.

Anagarika Janice holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MFA in Video Art from Chicago Art Institute. She has a variety of life experiences such as: Systems Programmer, award winning Underground Video artist making puppet musical shorts, Live Radio Drama Director, collaborating artist working with youth at risk making videos and puppet shows, living in a small Mexican town for 16 years, Orphanage Librarian, member of the local drag queen community and sustainable gardening instructor.

Janice Inskeep is preparing for her Anagarika Precepts Ceremony on May 21 at Aloka Vihara.
This is a mutual commitment for training in the eight precepts as an anagarika for one year.

Ven Dhammadipa is supporting Janice with the sewing of her white robes and Ayya Anandabodhi offers training for the precepts ceremony and goes with Janice over the contents of our new Anagarika Handbook.

Many good wishes to Janice for her path!

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