Kathina "Wish List" IN PERSON KATHINA

We are grateful for the generous responses in providing items on our Kathina Wish List!


Out of concern and care for the resources of our beautiful planet, we ask that you do not order dana items for Aloka Vihara online, whenever possible. The packaging usually turns out to be excessive and wasteful, often using plastic or Styrofoam, which can take thousands of years to decay ~ in addition there is also the gasoline used for transport.

If you are coming to the vihara for the Kathina Celebration or one of our teaching venues in person and would like to make an offering, please consider bringing any of these items, providing that size and weight allow for transport
on amtrak or megabus:

Last Update: October 27, 2019


    • Tahini (high calcium) – offered
    • 5 Washing up tubs – offered
    • Soy milk (unsweetened) – 10 cartons offered
    • Coconut water (unsweetened) – offered
    • 1 Shark Rotator vacuum cleaner (any model number would be fine)
    • 1 Original Tuft and Needle TWIN mattress ($ 350)
    • 6 Cutting mats – offered
    • 2 Seam rippersoffered
    • 1 Platypus Water bottlesoffered
    • 4 Luci Solar lights offered
    • 1 Mobile filing cabinet – offered
    • Soap (unscented & not liquid preferred) – offered
    • Snow shovel (sturdy) – offered
    • Toilet paper (recycled preferred) – offered

Please email Ayya Santacitta at <westcoastsisters@gmail.com> if wish to offer one of these items, so that this page can be updated. If you cannot come to the vihara for the Kathina Celebration or one of our teaching venues in person, you could send one of these Gift Cards:

  • Physical Gift Cards
    Ace Hardware
    Home Depot
    Please send your Gift Card to: Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery, 2409 Tolowa Trail, Placerville, CA 95667, tel: 530 647 8262
  • E-Gift Cards:
    Home Depot
    Please send your E-Gift Card to: Aloka Vihara Steward at <info@alokavihara.org>.
Much appreciation for your support!


The 2019 Kathina Committee: Cyndia & Jeff Marcous and Friends of Aloka Vihara