2014 Almsgiving Ceremony Overview

The vision of establishing a rural training monastery for women has been held in the hearts of the nuns and Saranaloka Foundation supporters for a number of years. With our move to a rented property in Placerville this vision has taken a big step forward. This new home fulfills our shared wish to return these “Forest Tradition” nuns to the forest.

It brings joy to see the vihara taking root in the new local community while continuing to strengthen the connection with the beloved Bay Area sangha. As the weeks pass, the nuns’ appreciation deepens for their new home in Placerville. They have gratitude for the many supporters who sustain the vihara, for the local community who welcome them and for the natural world surrounding them.

Our vision remains the creation of a rural monastery that serves as a place where women can train in the Theravada Buddhist tradition and where lay men and lay women can come to practice the Dhamma.

Manifesting this vision into reality requires tangible support of many forms, one of which is financial.

The four requisites are those items deemed by the Buddha to be essential for a monastic to survive in this human realm. Via donations to the Saranaloka Foundation, supporters provide all material support for the four requisites.

On the surface the requisites of food, shelter, clothing and medicine appear to support merely the physical form, but they go much deeper.

Taking a vow to live within the four requisites and having them solely provided by others is a profound leap of faith. It requires a complete surrender to the goodness in others; a letting go which most of us would not have the grace to undertake, although we may have the aspiration.
The vihara’s next phase includes our longstanding wish to purchase a property on which to settle the vihara permanently along with the purchase of a monastery vehicle, which is a necessity for living in a rural environment.

You are invited to participate in this unique relationship by offering a donation to the Saranaloka Foundation or an item from the wish list. As we know, it is not possible to place a price on what the vihara offers. However, it may be helpful to see the approximate annual cost to provide the four requisites.

Requisite Approximate Annual Cost Notes
Food $0 Received via direct donation
Shelter $36,000 Including utilities
Clothing $0 Received via direct donation
Medical $24,000
Additional Support:
Transportation $3,000 Public transit, gas, insurance, misc travel
Telecommunications $2,000 Landline, internet, cell phone
Vehicle Purchase $18,000 One time purchase
Total: $83,000