Monastic Training

bhikkhuni monastic training

The Buddha established the Bhikkhuni Order (fully-ordained nuns) approximately six years after his enlightenment. Although full ordination for women in the Theravada tradition has not been available for almost 1,000 years, since 1996, a worldwide revival of Bhikkhuni Ordination is underway. Today there are numerous Theravada bhikkhuni training monasteries and hermitages developing around the world, each with its own emphasis and flavor. Watch a video about the history of bhikkhunis from the time of the Buddha until the present day.

Mahapajapati Gotami, the Buddha’s adopted mother
and founding leader of the Bhikkhuni Order
(drawing © Gayan Chanuka Widanapathirana)


The monastics of Aloka Vihara and Aloka Earth Room are a community of bhikkhunis dedicated to practicing the Buddha’s teaching in the style of the Theravada Forest Tradition. If you would like to keep in touch, please subscribe to our e-newsletters (see the two buttons below) or revisit this website.