Board and Officers

Robert Hohn

Board Chair & President
Florence, Oregon


Robert’s first encounter with Buddhism was through the Soto Zen tradition of Shasta Abbey in the early 1980s. He started exploring other Buddhist practices and attending some Vipassana retreats in the early 1990s. At the opening ceremony of the Meditation Hall at Spirit Rock he heard Ajahn Amaro chant the Dhammacakka Sutta and was totally entranced. That led to visits to Abhayagiri and eventually a year-long stay at the monastery as an anagarika. Robert met up with the nuns at Aloka Vihara when he volunteered to help build the yurt platform. He is pleased to be a member of the board and looks forward to helping out the nun’s community in any way he can. Robert has served the Saranaloka Foundation since 2015.

Satima Feldman

Board Member & Treasurer
Asheville, North Carolina

Satima has been studying and practicing the Dhamma since 1999. In January 2012 she went forth as a lay renunciate to live a life completely dedicated to her spiritual development and selfless service. The 6 ½ year journey allowed her to serve, practice and study in a variety of Buddhist Monasteries, yoga ashrams and retreat centers in the U.S., Thailand, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Her relationship with Aloka Vihara began in 2011 and continues to this day. She was a volunteer resident at Aloka Vihara San Francisco and Placerville on numerous occasions. Additionally, she has been the Chair of the Saranaloka Foundation Board’s Finance Committee since 2015.

Her professional experience includes careers in software engineering, non-profit management, and the hospitality industry. She is filled with gratitude at the opportunity to support the mission of the Saranaloka Foundation, the monastic community and the Aloka lay sangha. Satima has served the Saranaloka Foundation since 2015.

Sheila Lenette James

Board Member & Secretary
Stockton, California

Sheila was introduced to the Dhamma in the late 1990s at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She first and practiced with Larry Yang, Jack Kornfield, members of the Spirit Rock Teachers Council, and Bhante Buddharakhita. So inspired by the teachings, Sheila volunteered managing daylong retreats at SRMC for a few years.  Sheila’s relationship with the Nuns began in 2021 after hearing a Dhamma reflection by Ayya Anandabodhi on Dharma Seed.

Since that time Sheila has volunteered at Aloka Vihara community service days and sat their annual New Year’s Retreat.  Sheila is committed to creating a container that allows for the continued unfoldment of the Ayye and holds a special place for them in her heart.

Emily Carpenter

Board Member
Portland, Oregon

Emily first met Ayyas Santacitta and Anandabodhi in 2012 while on staff at the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts, and she was deeply moved and inspired by her encounters. She was a frequent visitor to Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery and along with Mindy Zlotnick, co-founded the Friends of Aloka Vihara (now Friends of Saranaloka) to support the development of Aloka Vihara and to further the nuns’ visions. Emily also organized the annual Kathina ceremony for several years.

Emily has been practicing insight meditation since 1998. She was on staff at the Insight Meditation Society from 2009-2012 and graduated from Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leaders program in 2017. She deeply appreciates retreat practice and has completed over a year of silent retreat, mostly at IMS. Emily calls Portland Oregon home where she owns Tunnel 7, a web design and marketing business, and also works as an IFS-informed life coach. In her free time, you can find her hiking and climbing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors.

Kate Davies

Board Member
Whidbey Island, WA

Kate has been a student of the Dhamma since 2000. For the first few years, she practiced in the Tibetan tradition but subsequently she was drawn to Insight meditation and the Theravada tradition. She first met Ayyas Anandabodhi and Santacitta at Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery in 2022 and has been inspired by them ever since. She founded and leads the Whidbey Island Insight Meditation Group and teaches in two online international mindfulness programs, the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program and the Power of Awareness, both offered by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

Kate spent her career working on environmental issues and social change for government departments, social service agencies, nonprofits and teaching at universities. She is Professor Emerita at Antioch University and Senior Fellow at the Whidbey Institute. She is also the author of two award-winning books – “The Rise of the US Environmental Health Movement” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2013) and “Intrinsic Hope: Living Courageously in Troubled Times” (New Society Publ., 2018). She lives on Whidbey Island in Washington State.

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